Hendren and Associates specializes in solving business and technology problems. The company has consulted for a wide variety of businesses, both established and emerging, to provide innovative solutions with measurable results.

Drawing on a diverse range of experience developing strategies, people, processes and technologies, Hendren & Associates are fully qualified to understand your companies unique business needs and implement cost-effective solutions.

With 35 years of deep industry experience and over 15 product and service launches into international markets Murray Hendren, Principal, is well connected having maintained long-term relationships with over a dozen international software firms.

From business strategy development through application deployment, Hendren & Associates are committed to helping clients realize measurable business value and achieve long term returns on their investments. Our commitment to our clients is to listen to their needs and add value to their organization by delivering projects on-time and on-budget.

Hendren and Associates helps clients effectively address the complex challenges that arise with the application of technology to:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Business Strategy and Development
  • Marketing
  • Administration